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Our Team

Our team is managed by Joseph Cruz, General Manager and Johanna Canfield, Culinary Manager.

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Joseph Cruz

General Manager

Joseph Cruz, originally from Puerto Rico, brings over two decades of experience to his role as General Manager at Belle Glade, part of FMK Hospitality Group in The Villages, FL. Joining FMK six months ago, Joseph has swiftly become an integral part of the team, leveraging his extensive background in the restaurant industry since 2001.


Having worked at both Harvest and Belle Glade, Joseph has garnered a comprehensive understanding of FMK's operations and ethos. His commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction resonates in every aspect of his work.


For Joseph, the highlight of being a GM in The Villages lies in the vibrant community itself. He cherishes the opportunity to serve the friendly and lovely residents and visitors of The Villages, viewing his role not just as a job but as a hospitality experience. Joseph takes immense pride in contributing to the well-being and enjoyment of the community he serves.

Johanna Canfield

Culinary Manager

Meet Johanna Canfield, the Culinary Manager at Belle Glade Country Club in The Villages, FL, originally from Jersey City. With an impressive 8 years under her belt with FMK Hospitality Group, Johanna brings over 15 years of culinary expertise to the FMK family.


Having worked at various FMK establishments, including Evans Prairie, Bluefin, Chop House, Bonifay, and presently Belle Glade, Johanna's journey began as a Line Cook before ascending to her current role.


Her personal favorite entree on the menu is the Mediterranean Chicken Pasta, showcasing her culinary finesse. Meanwhile, the Pineapple Chicken Stir Fry has become a guest favorite, attesting to Johanna's ability to craft dishes that resonate with diners.

Johanna Canfield
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